The United Kingdom fills the stands of the Free Kingdom Sampdrom with a tribute to “Metrigargas”.

The United Kingdom fills the stands of the Free Kingdom Sampdrom with a tribute to “Metrigargas”.
  • United Kingdom promises a great performance with the drumming of Furiosa Drums.
  • With the plot “Matriarchs,” Reino pays tribute to the women who made history in Moro da Libertade.
  • Highlanders who died of Covid-19 were honored by members on the catwalk.

Fourth on the list in the parade, Reino Unido da Libertad entered the Sambadrome catwalk this Sunday morning (4). Gigante do Moro honors the women of the neighborhood in the southern zone of Manas with samba-enredo. “Mothers”.

With nearly three thousand members, divided into 23 wings, Rayno celebrates the power and wisdom of the mothers, emphasizing the influence that the women of the mountain had on both the samba school and the neighborhood.

Rangel Magalhaes, the story's teacher and head of school, decided to pay homage by telling a 'in story.Son of the mountain A dreamer of mothers. Throughout the dream, he learns about the greatness of women and their impact on the evolution and harmony of society.

The President promised fans of Gigante do Moro a performance in style, and Furiosa Battery will perform a surprise solo performance.

“All our floats are grand and we will have a surprise to brighten up the night with the beat of drums, it will be quite a show!”, said the Head of School.

A samba-enroto rhythm accompanied the school's traditional opening choir, followed by a stately entrance of drums. The battery commander, Master Nika, assured that the kingdom would not come to play.

“It's been two years without a carnival champion, that's too long. We came to feast on all these lovely people. Let's go find the title!”, said Master Nika.

data sheet

Head of School: Rangel Magalhas
Vice President: Joao Thom
Carnivalesque: Almir Nascimento
Number of Wards: 23
Total Components: 3,000 approximately


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