Hosts UK’s first unrestricted music festival

Hosts UK's first unrestricted music festival

Thousands of people are expected to attend the Latitude Music Festival on Thursday at Henham Park in the southeastern UK, which is taking place without restrictions in epidemic climates.

On the outdoor site in Suffolk County, hundreds of camp tents have been set up for visitors who have sold out this year’s Latitude Festival since it was canceled in 2020 due to Govt-19.

According to the BBC, there are 40,000 spectators on each of the four days of the festival, which is being offered as a pilot event after the British government lifted key restrictions associated with the Govt-19.

This means that the festival does not necessarily use social distance or masks, but the risks associated with it will be assessed, the BBC writes.

To enter the festival, visitors must test negative for Covit-19 or need proof of vaccination.

The new Music Express announces that quick check-ups will be possible at the gateway, that a mobile medical center will be needed for the weekend vaccination and that a second dose can be taken to be vaccinated.

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