The UK will have an electric highway by 2024

The UK will have an electric highway by 2024

The UK government will fund the construction of an electric road in the Skandorb area as part of a comprehensive study on pollution emissions in the road transport sector. E-highways are conventional highways with an overhead power grid, from which trucks are powered by a pontograph installed above the cabin.

In addition to the electric motor, the vehicle has a diesel engine or batteries so that it can run from the area where the electric network is installed.

The total investment for the electrification of 20 km of the M180 highway is R $ 14 million. The expectation is that by 2024 everything will be working.

The UK wants to end sales of petrol or diesel vehicles by 2040, so as an alternative to zero emissions of pollution in the transport sector by 2050, it is investing in other types of operations.

The use of an overhead power grid is more feasible as the use of batteries is reduced, which allows the truck to carry heavier loads over longer distances. Currently, the weight of batteries is the biggest obstacle to the road use of electric trucks.

Scania and Siemens already have Siemens technology in operation in Germany, Sweden and the United States, along with trucks of other brands.

In addition, other efforts are being tested. The government will also fund Packer-owned Leyland trucks to test 20 battery-powered electric trucks manufactured by DAF.

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