The UK restricts the entry of food items for personal consumption

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Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) has new rules for importing food or animal products for your own use.

Bread, (but not with meat or milk sandwiches), fresh cream, biscuits, chocolate and candy-free cakes (unless they contain a lot of unprocessed dairy products) are restricted when entering the UK with pasta (except mixed or stuffed). With meat or meat products), foods containing small amounts of animal products such as packaged soups, broths and sauces, packaged and processed vegetable products, packaged salads and frozen vegetable products, fish oil capsules.

Meat, fish, eggs, nuts or honey can be brought to England from Portugal because the British accept the free circulation of these products for personal use. The rules for business purposes are different.

You can read it here Complete list You should avoid traffic to avoid approved products and fines.

Attempts to enter the UK (these rules do not apply to Northern Ireland) with unauthorized food items will be immediately destroyed and lead to court action.

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