The UK recaptured Afghanistan from the embassy

The UK recaptured Afghanistan from the embassy

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Hamid Karzai International Airport

Due to the chaos at the British embassy in Kabul, the procedures for destroying important documents were not followed. Contacts of many Afghans were scattered on the ground and some are already in the UK.

The UK has rescued three Afghan families whose contacts were forgotten at the British Embassy in Kabul, which has already been captured by the Taliban.

Reported by Times, Were diplomats who worked at the embassy Documentation with personal details And the contacts of the Afghans who worked with them were scattered throughout the floor of the building.

Identified documents Seven Afghans And eight family members and were found by journalists from this newspaper on Tuesday, who handed them over to the British government. The UK Foreign Office has not yet begun an inquiry into the matter.

“We have been working tirelessly Ensure security Among those who worked for us was the safe evacuation of three families, ”said a Foreign Ministry spokesman. Reuters Reinforcement reinforces that “all efforts focused on the destruction of vital items”.

The Times reports that the British were very surprised by the speed of the fall of Kabul Ethics not followed Diplomatic eviction plans include the destruction of all documents and data that could endanger Afghans – including names, addresses, contacts or records.

The newspaper reports that phone calls were made to numbers in the abandoned documents and that some people learned as soon as the information was added. Had gone to England In the last days.

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However, other Afghans, including three co-workers and eight family members, including five children, were initially trapped at the airport and later found and rescued.

The whereabouts of the two diplomatic translators are unknown. Recall that the UN report stated that the Taliban were conducting house-to-house searches for those who had previously collaborated with the Afghan government or with NATO forces occupying the country.

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