The UK Prime Minister dissolves Parliament and holds a general election

The UK Prime Minister dissolves Parliament and holds a general election

Prime Minister of UK, Rishi Sunak, It dissolved Parliament and brought about general elections.

A decision approved by King Charles III, was a surprise even to colleagues from the Conservative Party. Now, the Brits go to the polls the next day 4th of July.

The justifications for Sunak's action, according to analysts, are the unpopularity of his own administration and the idea of ​​riding a favorable economic wave in the country. “It is time for Britain to choose its future” said Sunak.

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In a recent poll, 70% disapproved of the government. Reasons cited include high cost of living and administrative difficulties in dealing with issues such as illegal immigration.

On the other hand, the opposition party led by the Labor Party Keir StarmerPolls with voters are growing.

Shortly after the announcement, the Prime Minister's side has already started campaigning in the hope that a rosy end to the fiscal year will boost his re-election bid. The Conservatives have been in power for 14 years.

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