The UK is expanding its debate on violence against women

en South London Park where you last walked Sarah Evert, Passersby still stand to think of his death.

The 33-year-old may have been someone’s sister or daughter.

His murder sparked a debate about their safety when it comes to women walking alone and how to help men feel safe.

The women shared stories about the precautions they take and the experiences they have had.

The families of the other women who were killed told us the pain would not go away.

Femicide compiles a female homicide survey that records brutal violence against women by men.

In the last decade, in the UK, one woman is killed by a man every three days.

Census organizer Karen Ingla reflects:“We normally accept men’s brutal violence against women, and we accept it as normal. Recently, women have expressed honest anger after the murder of Sarah Evert. But in reality, she is one of many women who, for whatever reason, did not do so.“.

Sarah’s death has sparked a wide-ranging debate. Eight billboards are part of a campaign that encourages people to think about how men’s behavior, even intentional, threatens women.

Advertiser Camila Gurdell, The creator of the campaign Good Guys Guide Remember _: __ “As a woman, I ‘ve experienced a lot of street harassment throughout my life, especially from a very young age. It was an opportunity to create. They were simple things like crossing the street or not walking behind a woman. It could not be. “

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