The UK is developing the world’s best vaccine for malaria

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Common in subtropical countries, it killed at least four times as many people as the corona virus in Africa last year. (Credit: Archive / MSF)

Although the world has returned to Govt-19, the United Kingdom does not seem to have given up on finding a better vaccine against malaria, one of the most highly known infectious diseases. The country seems to have developed the world’s best vaccine against a disease that kills hundreds of thousands of children every year.

We have all heard of this disease caused by mosquito bites. Once in humans, parasites multiply and malaria spreads through the liver, infecting red blood cells. Like Govit-19, it is an infectious disease with a relatively long incubation period.

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Despite being an epidemic, it is common in subtropical countries in Africa, Asia, Central America and South America. In fact, it killed at least four times as many people as the corona virus in Africa last year.

As a potentially dangerous disease, seeking a treatment or vaccine is standard. In this sense, Oxford University researchers and some associates reported testing of the malaria vaccine R21 / Matrix-M for 77 months with an efficacy of 77%.

As such, it is the first vaccine to reach the 75% efficacy target set by the World Health Organization.

According to Adrian Hill, director of the Jenner Institute and co-author of the research, “Getting a vaccine licensed can have a major impact on public health.” This is because they have made a commitment with the Serum Institute of India to produce at least 200 million doses a year in the coming years.

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In addition, he revealed that he was very optimistic about the effectiveness of the vaccine in the next phase of testing. Moreover, he and the panel in charge hope to report the results of the final phase of the investigation early next year and send within two.

Although testing for a vaccine can take a long time, if the early use of the vaccine against Covid-19 is approved, it should apply to malaria as well, because it causes an absurd number of cases, so it can save lives.

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