Alexa won the male voice option in the UK

Alexa users in the UK will now have the male voice option for voice assistant. According to the TechRadar website, the alternative is already available on Amazon’s smart speakers and smart displays, but it will reach everyone in the coming days.

In addition to this news, it has been revealed that from 2022, the British will get a new way of implementing Alexa with the activation word “Ziki”. Available in the US from July this year, at that time this option was cleverly added without any official announcement from Amazon.

For now, Ziki’s voice assistant can only be called in the United States, but in some other countries, such as the UK, Alexa may change her name to “Computer”, “Amazon” or “Echo”.

Watch the video below about Alexa’s new male voice in British English:

Compared to competitors, Amazon is the last of the leading companies to have voice assistants adding a new model. Available from 2019, Google Assistant added a male voice option to Brazilian users this month.

To make the change, say, “Ok Google, change Assistant’s voice.” Thus, the command will be sent to the settings in the Google Home application. On smartphones and smart displays, the display configuration with two color options (red and orange) is displayed.

Image: Reproduction / Google

Although not perfect, there are two alternatives to Alexa’s standard voice, bringing the voices of former basketball player Shahul O’Neill and actress and comedian Melissa McCarthy.

By the phrases “Hi Melissa“Where”Hey shock”, These skills provide answers to a limited number of commands such as custom phrases, jokes and trivia about celebrities.

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