The UK is beginning to reopen its schools under drastic health measures

The UK is beginning to reopen its schools under drastic health measures

The UK continues to take small steps to default. After closing for more than two months, The country’s schools are starting to function live again, Always under strict hygiene measures and in a stuttering manner.

Primary classrooms will open their doors from this Monday and secondary doors from next week. New to students as far as teachers are concerned.

Like that Alice Hudson, From Dwyford High School, its center acknowledges that “with these measures we are as safe as we can be. We have additional risk reduction measures. We all always wear our masks and of course the tests are done We are very careful when coming around that place. Schools are now reopening, and if we take appropriate action, we will be well aware of the infection rate statistics.

Standards to be declared by the Government Boris Johnson, High school students needed Perform two quick tests each week until the end of the course, Asks students to wear a mask at all times. Restrictions with younger students are not so severe.

Strong imprisonment and above all Numerous vaccines that have already been administered are making a name for themselves in the country, A significant decrease in infections from the second half of February.

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