United Kingdom. The aerial display was halted after the plane crash

United Kingdom.  The aerial display was halted after the plane crash

Oh This Saturday, the Bournemouth Air Festival in the United Kingdom was halted after a plane participating in an air show crashed into water at Pool Harbor.

No casualties were reported following the incident, with only minor injuries to two people on board, according to local police, cited by Sky News.

The moment of the plane crash was captured by the video surveillance camera on the site and the pictures have already been posted on social media sites.

In the video you can see the plane hitting the water at high speed. See pictures in the gallery above.

“We received a warning at 3:50 pm on Saturday that a small plane had crashed into the water in the port of Poole.

The police said that an investigation was underway into the incident and asked the public to refrain from going to the scene.

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