The UK is ‘actively recruiting’ new spies to send to Asia

The UK is 'actively recruiting' new spies to send to Asia

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The UK’s head of security intelligence is looking for new spies, especially among officers fluent in Japanese who could be sent to Asia later this year or 2022.

The British military is “actively recruiting” new spies to assist quickly in the Asian region, said Lt. Col. Leb.

“We are sending security intelligence personnel and starting work in various locations across Europe, and we are currently recruiting those heading east.” he said Quoted by the Hockenhull Daily Mail tabloid.

Hakanhal revealed that he employs Japanese military officers fluently and may later be transferred as intelligence officers because he believes that “it is a shorter way to work than to call an intelligence officer and make him speak Japanese fluently”.

The lieutenant general is expected to be hired later this year or in 2022.

British Army statement following the announcement of the formation of a new security alliance for the Indo-Pacific, AUKUS. This alliance was formed by the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia.

China has said the AUKUS alliance threatens peace and stability in the region and provokes an armed conflict. “This proves once again that these countries are using nuclear exports for geopolitical games,” a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

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