The UK government is trying to move the Champions League final venue to England

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Wembley Stadium (Credit: Twitter Reproduction)

After Turkey entered the UK’s red list for the novel coronavirus, the local government is trying to negotiate the transfer of the Champions League final to England. The city previously chosen to host the final of the main European club championship was Istanbul.

Since the final will be between two teams from the English Premier League, the proposal to move the match to Wembley Stadium has already been sent to UEFA, as reported by the English newspaper The Sun.

England’s Transport Minister Grant Shapps has revealed that the Football Association (FA) is in contact with European football’s governing body.

“this means [entrada na lista vermelha] That fans should not travel to Turkey. He warned that the Football Association is in negotiations with the European Football Association.

“We are very open to receiving the final, but this is a final decision of UEFA,” he noted.

“It’s actually, in the end, a decision by UEFA, but given that there are two English teams in the final now, we can’t wait to hear what they have to say.”

The European Football Association (UEFA) issued 4,000 tickets for each club, and the pitfall is the presence of the fans and their subsequent trip from England to Turkey.

The Champions League final is scheduled for May 29 between Chelsea and Manchester City. This will be the London club’s third final and second decision with an English team, while City will play their first-ever Champions League final.

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