The UK and the EU are close to a deal on Northern Ireland

The UK and the EU are close to a deal on Northern Ireland


The government is making progress in its fight against illegal mining on Yanomami indigenous land

This week, authorities stepped up their fight against illegal mining on Yanomami indigenous land, where many clandestine gold miners accused of fueling the humanitarian crisis have resisted leaving the area. The Federal Highway Agency (PRF) flew over the Amazon rainforest on Friday. Searching for illegal mining sites that are still active. , the engines of some machines are still in operation.” (First) we established control sites to prevent the logistical distribution of illegal activities in two main rivers. Now the next step is to attack these mining nodes, to disrupt and neutralize these camps, explained to AFP Felipe Finger, coordinator of the special investigative team. . (GEF) Ibama. When the government helicopters were seen, the Garimbiros fled into the jungle, while they burned cassiterite, tin dioxide called “black gold,” illegally extracted from indigenous land. The camp’s machinery, agents interrogated a 36-year-old prospector. , he couldn’t escape. “The gold mine never ends. No Lula, no Bolsonaro. “There is no one in the world (with) an end to mining,” said the prisoner, whose real name is Eduardo dos Santos. I earn R$ 5 thousand a week. Where do you get that in the city?”, he questioned. According to Yanomami leaders, as many as 20,000 clandestine miners invaded their territory, killing indigenous people, sexually assaulting women and teenagers, and polluting their rivers with mercury used to separate gold from sediments. In late January, the government of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva declared a health emergency and authorized a joint operation by the armed forces and other agencies to drive the invaders out of the country’s largest indigenous land bordering Venezuela. The Minister of Justice and Public Security, Flavio Dino, told reporters this week that about 1,000 Karimburos refused to leave.- The firefight – Federal police in January opened an investigation into the possibility of genocide against the Yanomami. Officials report that last year, a hundred children under the age of five died, some from malnutrition. Here is Rhea and Vomiting. We have no health here, no help, nothing. People are hungry, we don’t have food,” said a Yanomami tribe interviewed by AFP on Friday during an Ibama raid in a village in Roraima, where more than 1,500 medical consultations were carried out. At the start of the operation, the army carried out about 130 evacuations by helicopter to rescue isolated patients and Distributed almost 9,000 basic food baskets. River with guns. Reaction to the effectiveness of the operations and recovery of the territory of the state, after four years of collusion and abandonment,” Environment Minister Marina Silva wrote on Twitter. Illegal mining has suddenly increased. During the government of Jair Bolsonaro (2019-2022), the move was a supporter of the opening of indigenous lands. %.str-mel/dga/mvv compared to the previous decade

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