Goes viral: Willy Wonka's 'factory' experience ends with police in UK

Goes viral: Willy Wonka's 'factory' experience ends with police in UK

An event that promised to provide an experience in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory ended up in police custody in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom. The event, which was advertised as “a trip full of amazing creations”, turned out to be a real flop and the matter went viral on social media.

Organized by the House of Illuminati team, this opportunity promises to be a complete experience in Willy Wonka's amazing factory where “dreams come true”.

However, when the visitors started to arrive, they were surprised by the almost empty warehouse, very few seats and many cables. “It's practically an abandoned and empty warehouse, with nothing inside,” said one of the onlookers BBC Scotland News.

High expectations for the event attracted visitors from other cities, creating more headaches.

Even the actors who participated in the show did not know what to do. In conversations, contract workers said they rehearsed scripts for months but were told to drop everything and improvise.

It's a trap

After the disappointment, many visitors are asking for refunds of the 35 pounds (about R$219.30 at current prices) charged for admission.

On Facebook, members of the Illuminati said the day was “very stressful and frustrating for many” and that they were sorry.

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“Unfortunately, we got bogged down in many parts of our event at the last minute, and while we tried our best to move forward and move forward, we now realize we should have canceled first thing this morning,” a spokesperson said.

@jenxdesign There is very little chocolate in the chocolate factory #Willischocolate experience #Glasgow ? Time to Intend – Intend

“We planned a wonderful event and it didn't go as planned and we are very sorry,” he added.

The company promised to refund all the tickets.

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