The rare R$1 coin will make you earn up to R$550

The rare R coin will make you earn up to R0

Since its launch in 1994, the single real currency has undergone a series of transformations, particularly in terms of design. Residents have already seen several commemorative editions of this item. One of the most famous ones, for example, is the one from the 2016 Olympic Games. Collectors usually pay a pretty good sum for them. See how you can make money with it.

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As history shows, the creation of the currency during the riyal plan was an important point to contain inflation at that time, and over the years, these coins became real Archaeology, its value is much greater than its “face value”. Including it, many people likely have these rare items stored at home, but have no idea that they can get good value for them.

There are coins that can be worth up to R$550, as is the case with the piece made to commemorate human rights.

Rare and Valuable: How to Make Money Selling?

If you have a locker full of coins, it pays to take the time to familiarize yourself with these pieces, which can be worth a small fortune, at least in some cases. This rarity factor is due to some of the properties of these items. These are the details that can make a coin so valuable, such as the faults of the coin or the fact that it was developed specifically to celebrate a person or date.

One such example is the coins from the Rugby Olympics, which are rare because they have an inverted reverse, i.e. a minting error. When selected, it can yield a good amount. Several variables contribute to a coin being classified as rare. Among these factors are the number of units produced, the year of manufacture, the state of preservation, and the occurrence of errors in minting, as we mentioned.

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Another important point is that when this type of part is found, it is likely to be analyzed to discover those characteristics that make it valuable. This evaluation can be done by specialized professionals and through product catalogs and websites numismatics.

In catalogs, for example, a person will have detailed information about faults and characteristics, thus facilitating identification of his currency. Already at the stage of sale, an interested person can sell the vintage item on the Internet, make advertisements or contact auctions and certain auction houses collegiate. He can even go to coin shops and attend events in the area.

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