The Ministry of Health will send 600,000 Covid examinations to Maranhão to …

The Ministry of Health will send 600,000 Covid examinations to Maranhão to ...

BRASILIA (Reuters) – The Ministry of Health announced on Sunday that it will send 600,000 rapid COVID-19 tests to São Luiz in Maranhão, where crew members of a ship were diagnosed this week with the Indian type of coronavirus.

Health Minister Marcelo Quiroga said on Saturday that the tests should be applied to asymptomatic and asymptomatic people at airports, bus stations, border points and other places with high prevalence in the state.

Those diagnosed with Covid during testing should undergo an rt-pcr screening along with genetic research to potentially identify the variant. They should also be isolated and their recent contacts will be examined for further testing.

“We are also interested in situations that may arise in other states and the behavior will be the same,” said Quiroga. He said that societal transmission of the Indian variant has yet to be determined in the country.

The minister said the testing in Maranhão is part of a wider effort in which the ministry will distribute a total of 2.4 million tests that must be applied, through active research, in different parts of the country.

On Monday, the Kiroga team will meet with representatives from the National Council of State and municipal health ministers (Konas and Konasim) to determine details of the wider distribution of the tests.

Kiruja says measures have been taken to isolate cases of the Indian species


BRASILIA (Reuters) – Health Minister Marcelo Quiroga said on Friday that all health measures have already been taken to isolate the Indian type of coronavirus identified in Maranhão, but indicated that the biological phenomenon does not adhere to precise laws and needs all care.

The minister said he has held talks with the country’s health ministers and mainly, for the time being, with Maranhão’s foreign minister, Carlos Lula.

“The important thing is to say that health monitoring in Brazil is very good. This case was discovered immediately, all health measures were taken and we hope that there will be no spread of this Indian species here in Brazil,” the minister said. Journalists, while visiting a veterinary supply factory with the capacity to produce vaccines against Covid-19 in the interior of São Paulo.

“It was confirmed in São Luis, these cases have been isolated, both patients and their contacts. It was detected in Maranhão, so Minister Carlos Lula, Minister of Health of Maranhão state, is in constant contact with us, so we have a condition to isolate this alternative and it does not spread to Brazil.” .

He warned, “This is a biological phenomenon, not a sports. We need to be careful.”

The Ciara Health Secretariat, in an official statement posted on Friday on its page, said the agency received a notification on May 17th from the National Health Monitoring Agency (Anvisa) about a suspected case of an Indian variant of Covid-19 in Strength. .

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The next day, a technical visit was made to the isolation site for the traveler, who disembarked from India on May 9.

São Paulo City Hall proposes negative test requirements at airports (in Poder360)

He submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Health at a meeting on Saturday (May 22nd) to contain the Indian alternative

The passenger undergoes a temperature test at Guarulhos Airport

São Paulo Municipal Health Minister, Edson Aparecido, on Saturday ( proposed to adhere to health measures at airports, highways and highways to prevent the spread of the emerging coronavirus strain of Indian origin.

Among the proposed initiatives is the requirement to present an RT-PCR test with a negative result to passengers arriving at the airports in the capital, Sao Paulo or Guarulhos, in Greater São Paulo, arriving from Argentina – which He lives in a large number of cases– Or Maranhão.

The state has confirmed at least 6 cases of variable -Considered More transmissible by the World Health Organization (World Health Organization) – On a ship anchored 50 km off the coast of the country. Of these, 5 were isolated on board a ship and 1 –In a more serious conditionE – It is in the intensive care unit (ICU) of a private hospital in Sao Luis, and there is still no record of local transmission. The Maranhão government says it is testing who has had direct or indirect contact with a staff member in the hospital.

The minister saw [as sugestões feitas pela cidade de São Paulo] The secretary said in an interview with GloboNews. “Conducted during a meeting with Minister Marcelo Quiroga (Health), members of Anvisa (National Health Monitoring Agency) and the Mayor of Guarulhos, Gustavo Henrique Costa.

Aparecido also informed that the city will search for symptomatic patients at bus stops. Those who have been identified will be referred for testing at health facilities. If the result is positive, they should be isolated for 10 days.

“The idea is that we can, in an integrated work and under the guidance of Anvisa, carry out this whole process of screening, isolation and monitoring of educational procedures that can be preventive in regards to the circulation of new variants, especially the Indian alternative,” said Aparecido. He also reported that procedures on bus terminals should start on Monday (May 24).

“We think at least to set up the checkup functions with our teams, which we will set up this Sunday to try to make them work on Monday. First of all, at the Tiete bus station, where two buses arrive a week from Maranhão.”

at NoticeAnvisa reports that it has already taken measures to contain cases of the Coronavirus. are they:

A civilian home Published On the last fourteenth of the decree restricting flights from India. According to a report on the G1 portal, the federal government adopted the measure after ignoring Anvisa’s recommendation to ban flights and travelers from India on the state’s list of restrictions for 10 days.

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In addition to Maranhão, Ciara Watching 2 possible cases Of the new variable. A 35-year-old man who is an employee of a shipping company, landed in Fortaleza on May 9 – before flight restriction and after Anvisa’s recommendation – coming from India. The fellow patient who accompanied him on the trip is isolated.

AstraZeneca vaccine is somewhat less effective against the variant found in India, says the CEO of FT


(Reuters) – Pascal Suriot, the company’s chief executive, said in an interview with the Financial Times on Friday that AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine was slightly less effective against the variant that was first discovered in India from the strain that had been identified in the kingdom. United.

He added that the company is in talks with governments, including the United Kingdom, about new promotion contracts.

India is calling on social media companies to remove references to the “Indian variant” of the Coronavirus


NEW DELHI (Reuters) – India’s Information Technology Ministry has asked all social media companies to remove any content indicating an “Indian variant” of the coronavirus, according to a message published on Friday at an exhibition seen by Reuters.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on May 11 that the Coronavirus variant B.1.617, which was first identified in India last year, was classified as a variant of global concern.

The next day, the Indian government issued a statement saying that media reports using the term “Indian variant” were unfounded, saying that the World Health Organization had classified the alternative as only B.1.617.

In a message to social media companies on Friday, the Ministry of Information Technology asked companies to “remove all content” that names or refers to the Indian variant of the “Coronavirus”.

“This is completely wrong.” There is no variant of Covid-19 scientifically cited as such by the World Health Organization (WHO). The World Health Organization has not linked the term “Indian variant” to the coronavirus variant B.1.617 in any of its reports.

A senior Indian government source told Reuters that the warning was issued to send a “loud and clear” message that such references to an “Indian alternative” spread misunderstanding and harm the country’s image.

The Ministry of Information Technology could not be reached for comment.

Around the world, variants of the Coronavirus have been generally referenced by doctors and health experts based on where they are identified. This includes variants from South Africa and Brazil.

A social media executive said it would be difficult to remove all content with the word, as there are hundreds of thousands of such posts, adding that “such a move would lead to a further advance in keyword-based censorship.”

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The Indian government is facing increasing criticism over its response to the epidemic, with Prime Minister Modi and state officials accused of not properly planning the second wave of infections with the Coronavirus.

India has the second highest number of Covid-19 cases in the world and has reported around 250,000 infections and 4,000 deaths per day.

Brazil records 1,899 new deaths from Covid-19, and 144,62432 people have recovered


BRASILIA (Reuters) – Brazil has recorded 1,899 new deaths due to COVID-19, the Brazilian Ministry of Health said on Saturday, bringing the total number of deadly disease victims in the country to 448,208 deaths.

According to the volume, 76,490 new cases of coronavirus were also recorded, with the total number of infections in the country rising to 160,47439.

Brazil has the second-highest number of Covid-19 deaths in the world, after only the United States, and the third-highest number of confirmed cases of coronavirus, after the United States and India.

The country leads Latin America, the region that on Friday passed the home of 1 million Covid-19 deaths, according to data compiled by Reuters.

São Paulo, the Brazilian state worst affected by Covid-19, on Saturday reached 31,80595 cases and 107,497 deaths.

Minas Gerais is the second state with the largest number of coronavirus infections, with 1511,756 cases recorded, but Rio de Janeiro is the second largest number of deaths, with 49,438 deaths.

The federal government still reports 14,462,432 people have recovered from Covid-19 and 11,367,799 patients are being followed-up.

Anvisa receives new documents based on an import request for Sputnik V vaccine against Covid-19


BRASILIA (Reuters) – The National Health Monitoring Agency (Invisa) said on Friday it had received new documents regarding an import request for Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine for emergency use by northeastern states.

“The additional documents have been attached to the application for importing the vaccine, and Anvisa will continue to be subject to evaluation as part of the new import order by the states of Bahia and Maranhão,” the agency said in a statement.

Anvisa is currently evaluating an import order for immunity made by the Interstate Development Consortium in Central Brazil, as well as a second order from the states of Bahia, Maranhão, Ceará, Sergipe and Pernambuco.

At the end of last month, the Brazilian regulatory agency unanimously decided to deny the import request for Sputnik V, claiming that there was insufficient information to guarantee the safety, quality and effectiveness of the immune system. The agency cited the presence of a duplicate adenovirus in the vaccine as one of the main critical points noted by the technical field in analyzing the immune system.

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