The “Lacy” dinosaur was discovered in England

The "Lacy" dinosaur was discovered in England

Last week, archaeologists announced the discovery of a new dinosaur, thanks to an analysis of an ancient skeleton found on White Island off the south coast of England in 1978.

According to Jeremy Lockwood, who listed the bones in the collection of the Museum of Natural History in London and the Dinosaur Island Museum in White, the remains reveal a creature with a large nose. The researcher explains that this model has a single “bulb” nasal bone.

“For more than 100 years, we have seen only two species of dinosaurs from the Isle of Wight: Plant species Ikanoton Bernicardensis It Montrelicous otherfield tenses. I firmly believed that the subtle differences between the bones would reveal a new species, so I decided to measure, photograph and study the anatomy of each bone, ”Lockwood explains.

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Image: Reproduction / Journal of Systematic Paleontology

Although the mandolinus has about 23 to 24 teeth, this new species has 28 teeth. Also, other dinosaurs found there had straight noses, which also proves the discovery of a new creature, the archaeologist says. About eight meters long and weighing approximately 900 kg, this animal is believed to be a plant species.

Named the Dinosaur Brighstoneus simmondsi In memory of the village of Brightstone on the White Island, Keith Simmonds, also an amateur collector, was involved in excavations and species discovery. It is also reported that there were other iguanodontinous dinosaurs in the United Kingdom during the early Cretaceous.

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The study with the discovery was published in the journal Science Journal of Systematic Paleontology.

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