The hotel where the song “Chavez” was recorded, in Acapulco, was destroyed by a hurricane – international

The famous Emporio Acapulco Hotel, the setting for one of the most memorable episodes of the series Keys “Vamos Todos à Acapulco” was destroyed after the passing of a hurricane that hit the city last Wednesday (10/25). According to local authorities, the storm, with wind speeds reaching 270 kilometers per hour, destroyed 80% of the city’s hotels.

On Friday (10/27), Emporio Acapulco Hotel issued a memo with updates on the situation. “In light of the events caused by Hurricane Otis, we want to make it clear that at Emporio Acapulco Hotel, all our guests and employees are safe, and we are providing a safe space and as much attention as possible to ensure the well-being of everyone in the hotel and facilities,” the hotel said.

In a statement, Emporio Acapulco stated that they are strictly following the natural disaster protocols established by Civil Protection, which made it possible to quickly begin assessing the possible effects left by the hurricane.

Guests shared pictures of what the hotel looks like on social media. “Friends, we are fine, but I have to accept that it is a miracle. Everything is destroyed,” guest Raymundo Ceja wrote on his profile when sharing the photos.

All three episodes of the series were broadcast in 1977 Keys In Acapulco, which shows the protagonist accompanied by other characters from the village at the hotel, has become one of the most popular and memorable characters in the series.


According to the Mexican government, Hurricane Otis, which registered at Level 5 on the Saffir-Simpson scale – the highest in that category, reached winds of up to 270 kilometers per hour, killing 27 people and leaving four missing in the Acapulco port area. .

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“Unfortunately, we have received a report from state and municipal governments that 27 people have been killed and four are missing,” Security Minister Rosa Isela Rodriguez said during the presidential press conference.

According to the government, the strong winds caused all the trees and many poles to fall, in addition to reports of house structures falling. With its coastline spanning the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Mexico is one of the most hurricane-prone countries, experiencing at least a dozen weather events annually.

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