The government pays PIS/PASEP the highest amount in less than a month

The government pays PIS/PASEP the highest amount in less than a month

Codefat (Consultative Board of the Workers Support Fund) approved the payment schedule for Salary Bonus PIS / Pasep proposed by the government at the end of last year. According to the announced dates, interest deposits will start next month for 23.6 million people.

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The good news is that the value has increased this year to accompany the adjustment less pay. Each employee of a public or private initiative will have the opportunity to withdraw up to R$1,302, according to the number of months worked in the base year.

The following table covers workers who worked in 2021. Due to delays during the pandemic, the schedule has been delayed. The expectation is that those who worked in 2022 will receive the amounts in 2024.

To receive stipend allowance, you must register at PIS/PASEP For at least five years, you worked at least 30 days in a base year (2021) and received up to a minimum wage per month in that year. It is also necessary to have the correct data in the RAIS or e-Social sent by the employer.

Increase in PIS/Pasep

Accompanying the new minimum wage of R$1,302, each worker will withdraw the amount proportional to the number of months worked under a formal contract in 2021. Check it out:

  1. Work for 1 month – R$ 108.50;
  2. 2 months of work – R$ 217.00;
  3. 3 months of work – R$ 325.50;
  4. 4 months of work – R$434.00;
  5. 5 months of work – R$ 542.50;
  6. Work for 6 months – R$651.00;
  7. 7 months of work – R$759.50;
  8. 8 months work – R$868.00;
  9. 9 working months – R$976.50;
  10. Work for 10 months – R$1,085.00;
  11. 11 working months – R$ 1,193.50;
  12. Worked for 12 months – R$1,302.00.
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PIS/PASEP calendar

Caixa Econômica Federal makes transfers to employees of private companies, while Banco do Brasil pays payments to public employees. Calendar view:

PIS (Private Companies)

  • Born in January or February: received on February 15th;
  • Born in March or April: received on March 15th;
  • Born in May or June: received on April 17th;
  • Born in July or August: received on May 15th;
  • Born in September or October: received on June 15th;
  • Born in November or December: received on July 17th.

Pasep (servers)

  • Registration ends with 0: received on February 15th;
  • Registration ends with number 1: received on March 15th;
  • Registration ends 2 and 3: received on April 17;
  • Registration ends 4th and 5th: received May 15th;
  • Registration with Slave 6 and 7: received on 15 June;
  • Registration ends 8th and 9th: received July 17th.

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