Cerasa issues an urgent statement to all debtors; Understands

Cerasa issues an urgent statement to all debtors;  Understands

Serasa offers a debt relief program designed to help individuals facing economic uncertainty. This initiative aims not only to reduce debt burden, but also to empower consumers to restore their financial health.

How does the program work?

  • An attractive advantage is the possibility of obtaining significant discounts on the original value of the debt, which significantly reduces the burden on debtors.
  • The program covers a variety of debts, from personal loans to basic bills such as water, electricity and telephone.
  • Payment plans are flexible, adapting to the financial capacity of each debtor, making the process sustainable and less expensive.

How to participate?

  • Sharing and negotiating debts with Serasa is done simply and entirely online.
  • Enter the official Serasa website, log in or register, check which debts are eligible for renegotiation and analyze the terms offered.
  • Choose the agreement that best suits your finances and complete the negotiation directly through the website, following the instructions provided.


  • Before concluding any negotiations, carefully read all terms of the agreement to ensure it is compatible with your financial capabilities and to avoid potential future disputes.
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