The former minister says the UK is expected to be the first country to emerge from the epidemic

The former minister says the UK is expected to be the first country to emerge from the epidemic

NAdim Jahavi, the former British Minister for Vaccines, believes the UK is the first country to get rid of the infection and move to the local environment through vaccination.

Although he was the target of criticism, the official considered the government’s decision to deregulate this summer because it allowed the economy to reopen.

Speaking on Leading Britain’s Conversation (LBC) radio, Jahawi hopes that “the United Kingdom will be the first major global economy to show how to move from an epidemic to the local environment through vaccines.”

Keep in mind that an epidemic is a rapidly spreading disease that affects many countries and regions, whereas the local environment refers to a limited outbreak in a particular region, even if it persists – making it easier to control and control. To predict.

The report comes in connection with the epidemic situation in Austria, which returned to prison on Monday.

More than one million people between the ages of 40 and 49 can now book the Govt-19 vaccine in the UK, with about 1.5 million calls being sent to these ages in the coming weeks, according to the British National Health Service (NHS).

As of Friday, more than 14 million booster doses had been administered in the region.

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