The FCC launches an offensive in the United States, Eastern Europe and the United Kingdom

The United States, the United Kingdom and Central and Eastern Europe have become areas of growth FCC environment After many years in its operation. Revenue for the controlling group and the division that will be the main engine of Epida Carlos Slim, Has short- and medium-term plans to expand its overseas presence.

The FCC Environment sees great potential in U.S. cities where it collects and manages solid urban waste. In recent years, it has settled Florida and Nebraska, After which the FCC Environmental Services seeks to break into the Midwest. The subsidiary already serves eight million people in the North American country, and expects sales and portfolio growth by 2021. It is positive that the bidding for the projects has resumed in the last phase of the 2020 plays.

The FCC has evolved from collecting waste and managing waste from its place in landscapes to be reintroduced as raw materials or energy recovery. Hand in hand with policies against climate change and the development of the circular economy, the company expects moderate growth Spain In order to start new contracts. But look at the possibilities within Portugal Related to soil purification and urban hygiene. He hunts for business UK Based on state support for plastic recycling and energy recovery.

The group appreciates the opportunities for plastic recycling in the United Kingdom or recovery of contaminated soil in Portugal.

Already Central and Eastern Europe, FCC Media Ambient 2021 will continue to grow organically for at least the second half of the year despite budget restrictions on local administration, which will affect the outsourcing of urban services. In the long run, between 2026 and 2030, the Spanish company believes in it Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland They will make progress in reducing waste in the landscape.

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Although the lever of this drive in Europe is somewhat remote, The FCC is analyzing plans to crystallize this year Arrive on time with clearance and operation of refineries and burners.

WRG change

The acquisition of WRG (6 1,693 million in 2006), the FCC’s largest international investment prior to the 2008 crisis, a British territorial company, no longer weighs on the Group’s balance sheet, and serves as a stimulus.

WRG, then FCC Environment UK, Goodwill worsened to 190 million in 2012 as its waste collection activities overland began to provide a drop in cash flow. 236 million goodwill worsened as tons of stored garbage collapsed, a crisis confirmed in 2013. In 2014, the additional shortfall was $ 650 million on property, plant and equipment. With a book value now approaching 700 million (557 million at the end of 2019), the subsidiary has been restructured, has a new partner and Provides benefits.

FCC Environment The UK’s annual sales growth between 2021 and 2024 is projected at 5% to 15% in the FCC budget.

The new was created as a result of the restructuring during the epidemic year Green Recovery Programs (GRP), Of which ICC Infrastructure holds 51% of FC Media Ambient since it sold 49% of its partners in July 2020. Focusing on recycling waste and energy recovery, the company has five plants located in Kent, Nottinghamshire, Buckinghamshire, Edinburgh and Lincolnshire. Included in these assets are 50% of the Mercia Eriuti and 40% of the Lostock.

The FCC now evaluates the FCC Environment UK a 5% to 15% increase in revenue between 2021 and 2024, Starting with a growth of 12.3% in this year’s budget, when it reaches pre – epidemic business size, and will be 15.2% by 2024. The loss of sales comes as the Lostock recovery plant enters operation, and the total operating volume of the British subsidiary is projected at 17% this year.

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While key assets and liabilities are listed in pounds, the FCC does not anticipate the effects of Brexit on the services sector in the UK.

Infectious Disease Business

Essential services. By 2020, 43% of the group’s EPIDTA’s environmental component of the FCC. 79.9% of its activity focuses on essential waste collection, treatment and disposal services and cleaning of public roads. Therefore, activity does not decrease during infections. The remaining 20.1% of tasks are related to urban environmental services such as conservation of green areas or wastewater management.

Markets. In Spain, the main market for the FCC’s service area, the weight of urban waste management and street cleaning stands alone, as they enter the United States. In the UK it focuses on urban treatment, recovery and elimination. In Central Europe, mainly in Austria and the Czech Republic, the FCC exists across the waste management chain.

Performance. The Environment Area has announced this month its goal of reducing 10% of land area waste to the current 51% by 2035. This is one of the key challenges of its 2050 sustainability strategy.

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