The Embassy of Slovenia announces its support for the sister on BBB22: “The most beautiful name”

Posted on 01/14/2022 20:58

Xaras Support – (Credit: Outreach)

The Embassy of Slovenia in Brazil published on Twitter, Friday (14/01) a message of support for the name Slovenia Marquez, 25 years old, a participant in the “Popcorn” team Act Big Brother Brazil 22. Announcing the participants for Pipoca and Camarote began on Friday.

The embassy wrote on its Twitter account, “Good luck, Slovenia! Sister of BBB22 with the most beautiful name!” social network.

Slovenia is a small European country, close to Austria, Hungary and Croatia. It has a population of about 2.1 million.

In her presentation to the audience, Slovenia said that her father wanted her to be called Bosnia and Herzegovina, but her mother did not allow her to do so. At home, the new participant in BBB She tells her that her name is Doda, and her friends call her “Eslô”.

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