The country tops e-commerce app downloads in the pandemic

The country tops e-commerce app downloads in the pandemic

Brazil was the country with the most app installs for E-Commerce Since the start of the pandemic, he has shown how the restrictions of social isolation have quickly positioned the country as one of the most sought-after markets for companies in this sector worldwide.

According to a survey by AppsFlyer to measure digital marketing performance, 19% of Android e-commerce app downloads worldwide between January 2020 and July of this year took place in Brazil.

On the iOS platform, used in iPhones, Brazil ranked second, with 9% of installations, after only the United States, with 25% of installations in the ranking not including China.

In total, this means about 750 million e-commerce apps were installed on smartphones in Brazil in the 19 months to July, out of 4.5 billion downloads worldwide.

Even the latest gradual easing of lockdowns adopted to try to stem the spread of the coronavirus hasn’t stopped e-commerce app downloads in Brazil, which grew 23% in the first seven months of this year compared to the same stage in 2020.

According to AppsFlyer’s Director of Marketing in Brazil, Marlon Luft, the data shows a better acceptance by Brazilians of using apps and the understanding of retailers that this channel increases conversion rate, i.e. effective selling to customers through e-commerce sites.

“Companies here have understood this better than they have in other markets like Mexico,” Luft said.

In fact, the study shows that Brazil also has the world’s second largest marketing spend on user acquisition for e-commerce applications, investing $674 million between the fourth quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021.

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It was just behind the US, at $1.8 billion, but far ahead of the third-placed UK, at $331 million.

More detailed data from the survey shows that e-commerce companies’ marketing spending to persuade users to install their apps rose 171% in the 12 months to March in Brazil, to $2.88 per download.

According to Luft, this is relevant data given that the app uninstall rate in Brazil is also high. According to AppsFlyers, at the end of the first half, out of every 100 apps downloaded, 53 had been deleted within 30 days.

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