Simples Nacional: Check the information for which version of DAS references RELP

Simples Nacional: Check the information for which version of DAS references RELP

According to official information released by the Federal Revenue Service of Brazil (RFB), the Simples Nacional Collection Document (DAS), which refers to the January payment, will be issued on January 20, 2023.

Simples Nacional: Check the information for which version of DAS references RELP

It should be noted that the Simples Nacional group document (DAS) to be issued on January 20 refers to the Rescheduling Rescheduling Program within Simples Nacional (RELP), established by Supplementary Law No. 193 of March 17, 2022. The Federal Revenue Service of Brazil (RFB) indicates that this issuance will take place on an exceptional basis, due to an update of the system regarding annuities.

System adaptation

Official information indicates that the official system for issuing parcels is being properly adapted, taking into account discounts.

When the return of the official release date of Das

According to the Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB), starting from the next month, February, the release will take place again on the 10th. Payment of installments indicating that the debt repayment rescheduling program is within the scope of Simples Nacional (RELP).

What is Simples Nacional Debt Rescheduling Program?

The Simples Nacional Debt Repayment Rescheduling Program (RELP) is a program for individual small business owners (RELP).MEI), Small Enterprise (ME) and Small Business (EPP).

Therefore, the Simples Nacional Debt Payment Rescheduling Program (RELP) makes it possible to negotiate active debts in the union. These negotiations refer to Simples Nacional’s debt being paid off in instalments.

Intertwined negotiations

According to the official information, the entry calculation takes into account the unified value of the selected registrations for the installments. Therefore, the debt amount can be renegotiated in up to 180 interim installments, excluding the down payment, subject to:

  • From the first to the twelfth: 0.4% per installment;
  • From the thirteenth to the twenty-fourth: 0.5% per installment;
  • From 25 to 36: 0.6% per installment, according to information from Brazilian federal revenue (RFB).
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Negotiations for the Simples Nacional Debt Rescheduling Program (RELP) closed on June 3, 2022. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the official updates of the correct version of the Simples Nacional Group (DAS) document referring to the program.

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