Tesla steering is legal in the UK, Netherlands and Sweden

Much has been said and written about them since the introduction of the updated Tesla Model S and Model X. More specifically, about its new steering, in the style of fighter jets, no manufacturer has ever dared to market.

This component, called the yoke by the American brand, has a very special shape: it is not round, but rectangular, and it does not have a ring on top. Can you imagine stopping with him? Too complicated …

But the debate arises by its legitimacy, except that it is used more on a daily basis for certain maneuvers (in the city it must be scary). Faced with this problem, officials in many countries have responded to this question.

2021 Tesla Model S
2021 Tesla Model S Game Everywhere Rear Screen

In the Netherlands, for example, the yoke is considered legal. According to the RDW, the organization responsible for the approval of vehicles, its origin is not an issue: “The steering form is not prohibited by any part of EU or UNES law.” This body argued that many cars already have flat steering, which helps to get on board.

The situation is similar in Sweden, where officials have explained that a wall steering wheel is not required. In fact, the law does not require a steering wheel, but a “steering control”, the vocabulary.

This means that in the Nordic country, this component can have any shape and size, as long as it helps to steer and control the vehicle properly.

Tesla Model S2021

Recently, our driving colleagues asked the UK Department of Transportation about the legitimacy of the yoke, and they replied that the law “does not impose any size or shape for the steering wheel”.

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While this may seem unbelievable, technically, the steering wheel of the Model S and Model X is legal in the EU, so it can be synced by Tesla. However, in the United States, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHDSA) has not yet responded and says it has contacted the California manufacturer for more information.

We will let you know the answer, but for our territory, we will be surprised that the steering will come. We look forward to getting one of these updated Teslas to see if it is really dangerous to drive or handle well.

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