Vinyl sales soared in the UK, boosted by Dad

Vinyl sales soared in the UK, boosted by Dad

TheHe said vinyl albums have made a strong comeback in recent years and have started shooting again in the UK this year, this time with Dad’s major contribution.

Nearly a quarter (23%) of the albums sold in the UK this year were vinyl, with the BBC reporting that Dad’s ‘Voyage’ album was the best-selling album of its kind.

Adele’s new album ’30 ‘and the albums of Ed Sheeran, Fleetwood Mac and Amy Winehouse helped sell over five million vinyl for the first time since 1991.

2021 is the 14th consecutive year that vinyl album sales have increased by 8% over 2020.

This renaissance was not affected even by production delays caused by Govt-19, supply chain problems and shortages of materials such as PVC.

Unlike vinyl, CD sales continued to decline in the UK. A total of 14 million records were sold, the lowest number since 1988.

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