Technicians do not agree whether compensation for readjustment of the infrared table is required

Technicians do not agree whether compensation for readjustment of the infrared table is required

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Jair Bolsonaro (PL) want Temporary procedure amendment to readjust the income tax schedule until 2022. The value has not yet been closed, but During the 2018 election campaign, he promised to exempt workers with incomes up to five from the minimum wage (6,060 Brazilian Real). number The Ministry of Economy, You are Technicians disagree about whether the loss of income from the show needs to be compensated for.

Currently, workers whose monthly income reaches R$1,903.98 are exempt from tax. the delayed schedule arrived in 134.52% K 2021 inflation breaks the target ceiling.

data National Federation of Tax Auditors for Federal Revenue (unionShow it The exemption should increase to R$4,427.59 only with inflation adjusted.

Among the technicians of the economic team, One group argues that the loss of revenue by adjusting the IR schedule need not be compensated. However, This decrease affects the primary result, which takes into account the result between revenue minus expenses. And therefore , The correction must be absorbed into the forecast of the R$170 billion deficit in 2022.

Another wing of the technicians on the economic team argues that the correction of the income tax schedule needs to be compensated. employment tax authority, theTax auditors argue that this compensation can be made by creating higher tax ranges for people with higher incomes. The highest rate is currently 27.5%.

Other measures will be Restrictions on medical expenses related to plastic surgery; Exemption from retirement income for seriously ill people; profit tax; Higher taxes on financial investment gains and capital gains, currently capped at 22.5%.; e Taxation of inheritance and donations.

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Paulo Guedes defends approval of the schedule correction in the draft international relations reform, which has stalled at the Senate Committee on Economic Affairs (CAE). The proposal had already passed through the room, but the rapporteur, Senator Angelo Coronel (PSD-BA), said it was against the text.

In addition to re-taxing profits and dividends at a rate of 15%, the law provides for an income tax exemption for workers with income up to R$2,500.

colonel Submit a proposal to the Senate to exempt workers with income up to R$3,330 from income tax. The project, if approved It will reduce government revenue by 35 billion Brazilian riyals.

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