Starfield is still going strong a month later not only on Xbox but also on Steam

Starfield is still going strong a month later not only on Xbox but also on Steam

Against the facts there are no arguments, Starfield is still going strong: Just over a month after its official launch, Bethesda’s game has become the third most played game on Xbox, first on Xbox Game Pass, and reliable More than 100 thousand players on Steam at the same time.

Not very surprising numbers, considering that Starfield registered over 10 million players in two weeks After launch, it has a large structure that necessarily requires a lot of time to explore it.

More than the simple numbers that show the high degree of engagement that Starfield has been able to generate, Microsoft is certainly interested in understanding whether and to what extent the game has behaved like a killer game, i.e. it has prompted new players to enter the gaming world. game.Xbox ecosystem.

After all, this is really the data that matters to the Redmond company, which goes beyond the concept of just consoles sold in an attempt to promote the Xbox platform in all its forms, including the cloud and PC of course. To have that strong a number even a month later and have your game also available on Xbox consoles and PC Game Pass is unbelievable, but Bethesda games are that strong.

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