Spectrum 10K: Controversial UK study releases updates

Spectrum 10K: polêmico estudo do Reino Unido divulga atualizações — Canal Autismo / Revista Autismo
May 27, 2022Spectrum 10K: Controversial UK study releases updates - Autism Channel / Autismo MagazineImage: Revelation

Study time: <1 MinuteSpectrum 10K, a genetic study in the UK that has caused controversy among austerity activists across the country, has released an update of the consultation seeking to hear people’s views on the project. The consultation was attended by autism sufferers, family members and experts in the field of autism.

The conclusion of the consultation includes full participation and full transparency in the research process of autistic patients. Here you can check the complete list of pledges raised by the project Spectrum 10K website.

Autism Academy

The announcement provoked mixed reactions in the community. On Twitter, the researcher Sue Fletcher-Watson said “Good compromises” were made, but other aspects of the research were called into question. Robert Chapman, active in the philosophical debate on mental health and autism, “We know # Spectrum 10K Domestically has already decided that its critics are not ‘real’ autistic And this update should be read in its light. ” Twitter.

Spectrum 10K

The research was carried out by researchers at the University of Cambridge, collecting DNA samples from about 10,000 people with autism in the UK, with Simon Barron-Cohen as professor and researcher. Center for Autism Research, Welcome Sankar Institute and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). However, affiliate UK organizations such as the Autistic Activists and the National Autistic Society refused to contribute to the study and instead Positioned against Its development.

Published by autistic patient journalist Liam O’Dell Series of lessons Based on emails from experts involved in research under the country’s Freedom of Information Act and documents from hospitals and companies.

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