Spain reopens unrestricted tourism to UK travelers – Journal Economico

Spain reopens unrestricted tourism to UK travelers - Journal Economico

The Spanish government has decided to allow British and Japanese travelers to enter without any restrictions. That is, until May 24, even those who have not been vaccinated by these tourists will not need a PCR test to enter the country. Although entry into the neighboring country is not prohibited, travelers must comply with the isolation when returning to their home country.

An update on the official bulletin (BOE) of the Spanish government was released this Friday. The United Kingdom and Japan are now included in the list of countries and territories not affected by the temporary restrictions on non-essential travel to the EU.

The move goes against the joint decision of other member states awaiting the decision of the Social Administrator to at least add the United Kingdom to the list of safest countries, as the number of Govt-19 cases of the Indian variant has been recorded at 160. % Increase in the last week.

Although Spain has reopened, the borders of British tourists, starting next Monday, should not be favorable. When Portugal joins the list of safest countries, on May 17, Spain, France, Italy and Greece are waiting for the “green light” of the British authorities, which should not happen in the next review of the list on June 7. On “Telegraph”, but only on June 28.

“Spain is pleased to receive British tourists who want to visit our country,” said El Paso, quoting Prime Minister Point Sanchez. The executive justifies the decision to add the UK due to the number of “particularly relevant” visitors he receives annually in the country.

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