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a South Africa curfew suspended Between midnight and 4 a.m., after assessing that it has passed the peak of the fourth wave of Covid-19, driven by the omicron variable.

took the country Decision based on the course of the pandemic, vaccination levels, and capacity in the health sectorAccording to a statement issued by the Minister of the Presidency of the Republic, Mondli Gongobeli.

On the other side, The use of masks in public places remains mandatory.. Not using it when necessary remains a crime in South Africa.

South Africa is currently at its lowest alert level for Covid-19. The Reuters news agency reported that the state’s alerts consist of five stages.

“All indications are that the peak of the fourth wave has passed in the country,” said a statement issued by the special cabinet meeting held on Thursday.

Data from the South African Ministry of Health indicated 29.7% decrease in the number of new cases detected in the week ending December 25, regarding the number of verified cases in the previous week, which amounted to 127,753.

South Africa, with about 3.5 million infections and 91,000 deaths, was The country in Africa hit during the pandemic in both cases.

In addition to lifting restrictions on the movement of people, the government said that Indoor meetings cannot exceed 1,000 people. Previously Outdoors, events can accommodate a maximum of 2,000 people.

“Although the omicron variant is highly transmissible, hospitalization rates were lower than in previous waves,” the office said.

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