A woman finds her “missing” boyfriend with his wife and children

Who among us has not had that friend who believes with all his might in love? Or rather, who hasn’t put their “hand on fire” for their own love affair? But, sure, you also know some love stories that didn’t end very well, and that happened recently with Rachel Waters.

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Rachel is American but lives in China. The woman used her Facebook profile to make an appeal that caught the attention of netizens. The American was looking for her “missing” boyfriend. But things did not turn out as I imagined. Rachel discovered that 40-year-old Paul McGee was in his hometown of Norwich, England. To her amazement with his wife and three children.

In the emotional appeal on Facebook, the woman said her boyfriend had gone to England and that he should return to Shenzhen, China, where the two live.

The South Carolina-born American wrote on the social network: “I haven’t heard any news from him lately and I’m worried something might happen. If anyone knows anything please contact me.”

With the case’s repercussions on the networks, the discovery came quickly. One of Paul’s friends wrote: “Not funny at all. He has a wife and kids. And I feel sorry for her.”

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According to the information provided by Paul’s friends, before the scouting trip, the Englishman and his wife had not met each other for two years. That’s because the man was working in China when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, and he ended up stranded in the country. Then he got engaged to Rachel, not to mention he’s married with kids.

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Embarrassed by the story, Rachel deleted the post on Facebook. Sought by the press, it declined to comment.

What a disappointment!

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