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It has been a year since the invasion of the United States Capitol, an incident that former US President Donald Trump would have encouraged, and then done nothing to prevent. It was the last straw for Social networks that decided to ban the entrepreneur from their platforms. Shortly thereafter, Donald Trump has revealed that he is launching his own social network, which could happen soon.

The App Store has listed the TRUTH Social app, developed by Trump Media and Technology Group. From the images available in the app, the social network looks a lot like Twitter, which was the most used platform by Donald Trump. Its production has already sparked controversy, as they have been accused of Steal the source code directly from a platform called Mastodon, which despite being open source, has specific rules indicating that it is necessary to indicate the source of the items used or modified, and to make them public.

Pictures show that it is possible to reply, repost messages, bookmark and share. Instead of tweets, platform messages are called facts. In the Official Website From the application it is possible to enter the queue to try the application. In its description it is indicated that TRUTH Social is a social networking platform that encourages an open, free and honest global conversation, without discrimination from political ideologies.

See photos of TRUTH Social in the gallery:

In the description of the application on the App Store, the expression “Bit Tent”, used in conjunction with the social network, is the new way of referring to inclusion in the United States. The expression is based on an outside attempt at a close friend’s wedding, where different families meet, and in this case, the analogy refers to the different political ideologies being welcomed on the social network, sharing their views.

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The Verge says the app is slated to launch on February 21, based on App Store listings. This is the day the United States celebrates President’s Day, which certainly wouldn’t be a coincidence.

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