Small loan up to R$1,000 through Caixa accepting applications

Small loan up to R$1,000 through Caixa accepting applications

Individuals and Individual Small Entrepreneurs (MEI) can count on micro credit Give cashier Economic Federalism. Values ​​range from R$1,000 to R$3,000. The software is SIM Digital, launched in March of this year. Credit can be contracted even by those who have an improper name.

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SIM Digital is contributing R$3 billion from the Severance Indemnity Compensation Fund (FGTS). For individuals, the loan is up to R$1,000, with interest starting at 1.95% per month. Payment in installments of up to 24 months is allowed.

Caixa Micro Loan

Another option for Caixa microcredit is for individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEIs). Amounts up to R$3,000, with interest up to 1.99% per month.

In the case of individuals, recruitment can be done through the internet. Just access Caixa Tem. Credit application analysis takes up to 7 days. It is necessary to complete the registration in the application, as well as to show personal documents and take a photo with the identity document. It is also necessary to report the income monthly.

To help those with an unclean name, SIM Digital can also issue credit to those who have restrictions on their CPF. In fact, according to Caixa, more than 80% of appointments to date have been made by people in this state.

Since it is MEI, as it is of higher value, the Caixa microcredit is only issued after personal service at Caixa Econômica branches.

The analysis period is also longer: 45 days. In addition to helping entrepreneurs, SIM Digital aims to further formalize businesses. The proposal is that all resources be used for corporate investment.

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For example, in the purchase of raw materials, or in working capital. One of the requirements for MEI participation is at least 12 months’ billing through the company’s CNPJ.

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