Seven skeletons were found under a UK charity

Seven skeletons were found under a UK charity

“I thought we should call the police,” the construction company director said of the archaeological find, which dates back to the Middle Ages.

One Excavation Held locally Northumbriaat UK, was discovered Skeletons The following seven persons Ruins An old one Charity During the conversion of the site into apartment condominiums.

As reported by the ITVX portal, the workers faced Human bones This happened in early November, when they dug the elevator shaft to be installed in the building.

It was very different because we didn’t dig deep, they all just piled on top of each other. There were seven in total, but separate parts”, it was reported Alan Fenwick, In an interview to the media, the director of the construction company carrying out the work.

“Fortunately, we had our planning application archaeologist who was able to help us with the process of getting a special coroner’s license to excavate it. I thought we should call him. custody — but that’s not the case,” he added.


An important detail is that before the charity, there was a church on the site in the Middle Ages, so the researchers’ first hypothesis Skeletons They are medieval. Since the discovery is still very recent, many questions remain to be answered.

Analysis is underway to learn more about these Ancient Inhabitants From Hexham [cidade onde ocorreu a descoberta] And any additional work at the site will be carried out under the supervision of the Department of Archaeology,” he said. Liz MurrayThe head of the archeological organization was invited to examine the bones.

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