See restrictions on Brazilians traveling to London

Restrições para brasileiros viajarem a Londres

During the holidays, many may have planned to move to the UK. However, as the epidemic has calmed down, there are still some restrictions in the UK under the radar of health institutions. Therefore, today is April 19, 2022, the Cheap travel From Folha GO, that explains what they are Restrictions on Brazilians traveling to London.

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See Restrictions on the entry of Brazilians into the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is made up of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. For this reason, they may present some differences regarding the restrictions on Brazilian travelers between these countries.

However, since the outbreak, both countries have been looking for ways to prevent the virus from spreading within their borders. This is because the more consistent the authorities are in controlling the epidemic, the more restrictions are relaxed.

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So, see below what are the steps required for Brazilians to enter London, the capital of England.

Covid in the UK: See Restrictions for Brazilians Traveling to London. Photo: Canva Pro

About compulsory isolation to enter the UK

Travelers to the UK must comply with 10 days of isolation upon arrival at any of these countries. This action is mandatory and can lead to deportation if a person who does not comply with the orders is caught.

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In the case of London, the traveler can apply for the “Test for Clearance” scheme and take the test after the fifth day. If the result is negative, the person can be released from isolation in advance. Otherwise, the person should remain in isolation for another 10 days.

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Vaccine conditions for travelers to the UK

Vaccination against Kovit-19 in two doses is one of the primary requirements for entry into the UK. Therefore, document proving that the traveler in question is in a state of renewal with the vaccines is essential.

Also, those who have not yet been vaccinated should take the second dose at least 14 days before departure.

Covid in the United Kingdom: See Restrictions on Brazilians Traveling to London.
Covid in the UK: See Restrictions for Brazilians Traveling to London. Photo: Canva Pro

About the Govt-19 test to do

Another document required to enter London is the Covid-19 test, which may be PCR or LFD. Should have a negative effect and should have been done at least 48 hours before the trip. By the way, it is important that the document is in Spanish, English or French.

In some closed and private spaces, it is necessary to provide a negative test to gain access. So, it’s interesting to check out when you come to London.

So, do you want to know about the restrictions on Brazilians going to London? If you like tips like this, follow our blog.

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