UEFA EURO 2028 United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland: What we know so far | Inside UEFA

UEFA EURO 2028 United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland: What we know so far |  Inside UEFA

UEFA EURO 2028 will be held in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland after the UEFA governing body chose a joint venture between England, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

It will be the fifth time that Euro 2028 will be held in more than one country, following in the footsteps of 2008 in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland and 2000 (Belgium and the Netherlands). Austria and Switzerland), 2012 (Poland and Ukraine) and 2020, the latter being organized by 11 different countries in the summer of 2021.

Joint UK/Ireland 2028 Bid Report:

“This is an important day for sport in England and Ireland. With a pioneering partnership between our associations and full government support, we are delighted to be named as the host of UEFA EURO 2028. The tournament will be one of football and celebration. We can’t wait to welcome Europe and the rest of the world to our host cities.”

Our vision is to improve football, increase participation and create a more diverse and inclusive sport. We promise to organize an innovative and sustainable tournament, the most accessible EURO ever – with three million tickets available to fans. UEFA EURO 2028 in the UK and Ireland will help create a positive social impact, helping communities thrive by building economic and social legacies.

Below are some of the key details of a successful bid and how a jointly organized competition can have a lasting impact when the final whistle blows.

Venues: Which stadiums will host EURO 2028 games?

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Ten venues will host EURO 2028 matches, with Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Wales contributing one each, while England will play six. With an average attendance of 58,000, three million tickets will be sold for the tournament, giving more fans access to this edition of the UEFA EURO.

London: Wembley Stadium
Cardiff: National Stadium of Wales
London: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Manchester: City of Manchester Stadium
Liverpool: Everton Stadium (New Stadium)
Newcastle: St. James’s Park
Birmingham: Villa Park (Renovation)
Glasgow: Hampton Park
Dublin: Dublin Arena
Belfast: Casement Park (Renovation)

Vision: What will be the legacy of EURO 2028 for football and society?

EURO 2028 will build on the recent experience of organizing EURO 2020, Women’s EURO 2022 and other major sporting events involving five host associations in recent years. Expressing the vision of “Football for all. Football for the good. Football for the future”, the five host associations will work together to increase participation, engagement and revenue for the sport, leaving a revolutionary legacy that will last long beyond 2028.

Through the principle of Football for everyoneThe confederations plan to create a more diverse and inclusive game, with new and improved facilities, an increase in the number of referees and coaches, and greater opportunities for players at the “grassroots” level of football to access the game. with certain types of defects.

oh Football for Good Focused on delivering tangible long-term benefits to society, promoting sustainable and thriving clubs and societies. During the tournament, a compact and interconnected travel plan will ensure that 80 percent of fans travel to matches via public transport, with a match schedule designed to reduce carbon emissions.

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oh Football for the future With government support, it focuses on the economic benefits of creating education, training and sustainability initiatives that will help generate €3 billion in the ten host cities and beyond.

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