See prices, equipment and versions

See prices, equipment and versions

Fiat’s line of SUVs won the Scudo, a new mid-size truck located between the Fiorino and Ducato. The car comes in three versions: cargo for transporting volumes; multi, capable of carrying up to eight passengers; and -Scudo, which has all-electric propulsion. All three configurations can be powered by CNH Class B drivers.

The new Fiat Scudo enters the presale scheme today (23 June) on the Fiat Pro Network: test drive procedures will be available next week. On August 1, sales will begin at more than 200 brand points across Brazil. Check out the suggested prices for each edition:

Versions the prices
Fiat Scudo Cargo 187,490 Brazilian Real
Fiat Scudo Multi 192,490 Brazilian Real
Fiat e-Scudo Cargo 329990 Brazilian Real

as well express partner A renamed Fiorino, the Fiat Scudo is a replica of the Peugeot Expert and jumpy citroen. The three models are built on the EMP2 modular platform, by Stellantis, an industrial conglomerate that includes, among others, French and Italian brands.

The model has a height of 1.94 meters and a length of 5.3 meters, which allows for an internal volume of 6.1 cubic meters. Thus, objects up to 2.8 meters in length can be transported. The load capacity is up to 1.5 tons. The separate tailgate opens 180 degrees, while the side door is sliding: both are adapted for forklift loading.

Watch the Fiat Scudo presentation video:

Combustion versions of the new Fiat Scudo are assembled in Uruguay by local company Nordex. They have cruise control, center door locks, power outside mirrors, one-touch power windows, an on-board computer, steering wheel height and depth adjustments, driver’s seat height adjustment, and a 12-volt socket in the cargo compartment.

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Among the safety elements are fatigue alert (warning if the driver is driving, without a break, for more than two hours at a speed of 65 km / h), ABS brakes, three airbags (for driver and passengers), electronic control stability), hill assist, front fog lights Daytime running lights. The cab has several storage compartments, with a total capacity of approximately 42 liters.

Fiat Scudo Cargo

This version designed to carry loads does not have glass compartments on the sides, so items stored in the compartment are not visible. The cabin wall separates from the cargo compartment. According to the manufacturer, the model can be used as an ambulance, a mobile pet store, a Hortifruit, a mobile workshop, a service station on wheels, a store, etc.

Fiat Scudo Multi

The multi-version has glass sides and leaves the factory certified as a cargo vehicle, but it can also be adapted to transport people. The 8-seater family car features an advanced interior lining, reclining seats, air conditioning for all passengers and 850 liters of boot space.

The Fiat Scudo Multi can also be adapted for different types of use, such as a flower shop or a mobile office, among other options. The manufacturer says that it will agree to specialist companies to make these shifts from next October.

White Fiat Scudo Multi front in studio
In the multiplayer version, the Fiat Scudo can carry up to eight people


The Scudo was equipped with a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine, which first appeared in the Fiat. It produces 120 horsepower and 30.6 kg/m of torque. Six-speed manual transmission. The suspension is independent on all four wheels.

In accordance with current legislation, versions equipped with a diesel engine have an AdBlue tank (equivalent to Arla 32, which is a mixture of water and urea): this feature treats exhaust gases and reduces the emission of pollutants.

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Fiat Scudo consumption

The truck’s fuel consumption is 12.4 km/l in the city and 11.9 km/l on the road, according to Inmetro’s Vehicle Classification Program (PBE). These numbers guarantee a grade of A and the energy efficiency seal of the PBE.

The fuel tank holds 69 liters and, according to Fiat, gives the Scudo a range of almost 800 kilometers. The model also has a start / stop function, which helps reduce fuel consumption.

Fiat E Scudo

Gray Fiat e-Scudo from front rechargeable batteries
According to Fiat, the electric version of the Scudo has a range of 330 km

The Fiat e-Scudo is the first 100% electric utility vehicle in Brazil. Unlike the rest of the line, this version is imported from France and will only be available at 20 points of sale. In addition to the color White Banchisa, the model also offers the exclusive Cinza Artense.

The car is equipped with an electric motor with 136 hp and 26.5 kgf / m of instantaneous torque. The system also includes a 75 kWh Li-ion battery pack, and an 11 kWh three-phase OBC. According to the manufacturer, fast charging from a battery charge of up to 80% takes 48 minutes.

There is also a regenerative braking function, which acts as an engine brake and allows the battery to be preserved or even partially recharged. The Fiat e-Scudo is equipped with an e-drive mode selector, which offers three options: normal (for the best compromise between autonomy and performance); Eco (to improve power consumption) and Sport (to prioritize performance).

In addition to having all the elements of the Heat Edition, the e-Scudo also has a 7-inch multimedia center (with Apple Carplay and Android Auto), a rear camera and a digital panel. It also has electro-hydraulic power steering, electric parking brake, tire pressure monitoring system, rain and light sensors.

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Operating costs

The Fiat Scudo has a scheduled service plan: the first three cost a total of R$2,700. Warranty three years or 100,000 km for combustion engine configurations. In the electric version, in addition to three years (or 160,000 km) of the car, the battery coverage is 8 years.

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