‘Science is important for everything,’ says a Brazilian lawyer living in Newcastle, United Kingdom.

'Science is important for everything,' says a Brazilian lawyer living in Newcastle, United Kingdom.

Ana Conceroli, Newcastle, United Kingdom

Practically normal life

“Our life is practically normal. We work, my daughters go to school. We’m not traveling yet, but probably this summer, at least in the UK, we already have a sign that this is going to happen. Here, we take some precautions like wearing a mask in closed places. People can not see, there is a limit to meet only outside, up to four people, but considering the epidemic we face, this is practically normal life.

Attorney Ana Conceroli, 42, lives in Newcastle, England.

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Selective immunization

“We are in Newcastle, 100 kilometers from Scotland, far from the UK, far from London. Here, the vaccine is well advanced. Here in the north, the infection is not widespread in the capital, the vaccine is slow. I. Keep the vaccine information now for 45-year-olds.”

School life

“The focus was not so big, a medium-sized town in Newcastle, so to speak, but that too was affected. Until April 12, business was reopened. We were completely isolated for four months. We only went shopping. All business was closed, even schools. Now it’s back. Unlocked, life returns to normal, children go to school, there are some precautionary measures such as dividing breaks and meal times between classrooms since last year. Parents should not come in contact with each other with masks to pick up their children and at different departures.We should take them immediately. In classrooms, children are not forced to use a mask, for example, from Italy, children are required to wear a mask.Here, they are not obligated.In my daughter’s class in an elementary school, p. Before being fed, there were about 20 students. There was a change. There is no limit. Here and there they pay more attention to the students, who have an academic interest. “

Home office and take away

“At work, the intelligent workmen are in the home office. In business, in the shops, people return to work on April 12. But here they call the” key workers, “who are health, food, teachers, who worked all the time. In restaurants, since reopening I I admit it did not come. But the restaurants here are always “take away”, running for distribution. Now they only work in open areas. People can not come in. Look, it’s still cold, it’s spring. At night, the temperature drops a lot. “

Change during locking

“I’ve been living here for a year. Before that, I lived in the beach town of Bournemouth. We moved here a week after the lock was ordered. I had already finished the contract. We stopped on the road and they monitored the car’s patches. We explained to the police officer that she was moving. She understood and set us free.In Brazil, I moved in three years ago in 2018. Let’s see if my husband can by the end of this year My daughter Ana Clara, 6 years old, was born in Brazil.My second daughter Isabella was born in Italy, we were two years there I work “part time” here, as a clerk, but I still work as a lawyer in Brazil and Italy because I can do operations online and try to go to my area, which is part Technologies. “

Self-examination kit

“Look, I wanted to say don’t lose faith in the people in Brazil, because here, the fact that the vaccine has improved shows that science is important for everything. Now that we can live a relatively normal life … people are only investing in science and hope everything works. It may take time, but things will definitely get better, but I would like to highlight a kit provided here: As schools reopen and children emerge, they may be a channel that spreads the cove in homes, so the government encourages families to order a self-examination tool, which you can send by mail if you have symptoms There will be PCR, which is Covit’s specific experiment, which, from kit, is simple, you do it at home, it’s preventing multiplication, and a lot of people here between the first and second dose. Because, people can carry the symptoms of the disease. In this way, the multiplication of the virus is avoided. This is the most wonderful thing they have done here. It should be low cost. It is provided by the health system, their SUS here. The result is immediate. It may be a suggestion that they use it in Brazil. “

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