In desperation, the United States and the United Kingdom bombed Yemen again

In desperation, the United States and the United Kingdom bombed Yemen again

This Tuesday (28) a British merchant ship was hit by three missiles off the Hodeidah coast in western Yemen by the country's armed forces. The attack is part of Yemeni efforts to block trade through the Suez Canal in support of the Palestinian cause.

The missiles would not have sunk the ship, but damaged it, which was en route to a port in the United Arab Emirates.

Hours after the United Kingdom announced an attack on one of its ships, a reporter for a Lebanese broadcaster Al Mayadeen US and British warplanes have announced two strikes in Al-Jabana area, northwest of Hodeidah, Yemen. A clear attack on the country's sovereignty and the liberation struggle of the Palestinian people was encouraged by the opposition.

The attacks followed Yemen's destruction of three US and Israeli warships. Yemeni military spokesman Yahya Sari said:

“The naval and missile forces of the Yemeni Armed Forces carried out three joint operations. The first was against the North American ship Largo Desert in the Indian Ocean, the second against the Israeli ship MSC MECHELA in the Indian Ocean, and the third against the MINERVA LISA in the Red Sea for violation of the embargo. Ports of Occupied Palestine.

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