Ryanair is considering leaving the London Stock Exchange – Economy – RTP Madeira

Ryanair is considering leaving the London Stock Exchange - Economy - RTP Madeira
In its first-half financial results report (to September 30), released today in which Ryanair reported a 48 million euro loss, the airline said it was “analyzing the advantages of maintaining a benchmark bid” on the London Stock Exchange.

Last year, Ryanair said that from January of this year, with the entry into force of ‘Brexit’ (a term referring to the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union and the European Union), it would restrict the rights of British shareholders, to ensure that the majority of the company’s shares in European Union.

EU regulations state that more than 50% of its shares must be owned by EU citizens, as a condition to be able to operate throughout the territory under the “Open Skies” policy.

Ryanair, the European leader in the low-cost sector, explained that a potential exit from the London Stock Exchange would be “in line” with “the general trend of corporate community equity trading” after the UK’s exit from the European Union.

The airline noted that it was “potentially more dangerous for Ryanair, as the ban on non-EU citizens buying Ryanair common stock has been extended to UK nationals after Brexit.”

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