Ronaldo, Bentley gas out of England

Ronaldo, Bentley gas out of England

The Portuguese champion is also suffering from the fuel transport crisis that has hit Britain in recent days

Cristiano Ronaldo, who returned to the UK after nine seasons in the UK, has also been hit by the UK fuel crisis. Or rather, he crashed into several racing cars of the Portuguese champion.

Oh England There is not enough fuel to supply the whole population and there is a precise strike among the people who make fun of themselves in this situation. Manchester United, With a full recovery goal on Wednesday night, gave the Red Devils their first win in this Champions League, surprising the Spanish team Villarreal.

In particular, according to British pamphlets, two Portuguese cars were brought in by two bodyguards. Gas is available. Nothing strange so far, except that the two lucky ones have to wait seven long hours to refuel at the gas station. When it comes to their turn, here’s the joke. No more fuel Bentley e la Range Rover Portuguese champion. The two return to Cristiano Ronaldo’s house and wait in vain to explain what happened. Their security waited for several hours, of course, believing a tanker was coming, but they were forced to return. The two looked tired from waiting in the rain, an anonymous source told the tabloid. How about blaming two more bodyguards?

October 2, 2021 (changed to October 2, 2021 | noon 12:37)

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