PS4 game upgrades keep causing problems

PS4 game upgrades keep causing problems

Since its launch, PlayStation 5 An inconvenience to gamers regarding game versions upgrades from PS4 for PS5. The last error occurs with Final Fantasy Remake Make PS Plus.

Square Enix and Sony released a version Users of the service can update the game to the enhanced version. However, some players have not been able to do the update because they have already done this action from the actual version of the RPG. Their goal was to play the digital game, so they wouldn’t need to insert the disc anymore.

This process is obviously very specific and does not affect many people. However, it does show that the upgrade system on PS5 is still very confusing for gamers, making the process difficult and even generating more work to support the Japanese company.

In a Twitter comment, David Cervantes revealed his dissatisfaction with his inability to upgrade Final Fantasy Remake. In addition, user “MrGeeGee” said that he contacted PlayStation and the company confirmed that it is not possible to upgrade if you already have the actual version of the title.

Tweet 1: It doesn’t work, it won’t let me prompt because I have the claimed disc version, but I also have the PS Plus version.

Tweet 2: The same problem. I went to a PS Store chat and they said that if you asked for the disc before, you are not allowed to get it on PS Plus. Does not make sense.

in the forum RESTERASeveral players also reported the same situation and were unsatisfied. “It still doesn’t work for me. I think you screwed up if you demanded to update the disk. I did well‘, the user ‘demu’ complained.

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