The Brazilians who revolutionized nanomaterials and physics

The Brazilians who revolutionized nanomaterials and physics

Imagine looking at a particle one millionth of a millimeter. This is one nanometerOn this rough scale, researchers are searching for answers that can change the understanding we have today of physics and chemistry. Science has discovered that nanoparticles and the nanomaterials composed of them may have “superpowers” ​​worthy of revolutionizing the future of humanity.

Is there a substance capable of brutally shrinking the size of a wafer to the point where it travels through the arteries? Who discovers the degenerative disease in the retina? Allowing trains to run on friction-free tracks? make cement Unbreakable and flame retardant paints? What takes energy from the air? This kills tooth decay without drilling? How about a sustainable cell phone battery that lasts for years?

For all of these questions, there is indeed some Brazilian progress that proves it. Discover less than 12 researchers and their contributions to this very important moment in our history (be sure to read more about each one by clicking on the link!). They were chosen by tilt And by colleagues themselves for their work done.

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