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Prince Philip, husband Queen Elizabeth II, Act United kingdomHe died at age 99, Buckingham Palace said Friday. It will turn 100 in June this year.

The cause of death was not revealed. In February, he was sick and Accepted as a “precaution”. However, the prince had to undergo heart surgery. he is Discharged A month later.

“It is with great sadness that Her Majesty the Queen announces the death of her beloved husband, Her Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh,” the palace said in a statement.

The memo states that the prince “died peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle.” “New announcements will be released in due course. The royal family joins people all over the world in mourning their loss. ”

His official name was the Duke of Edinburgh. He was alongside his wife’s reign, the longest in UK history, in 69 years. During this period, he built a reputation for being serious, but prone to missteps.

Elizabeth married in 1947 and played a major role in modernizing the monarchy in the post-WWII era. Behind the walls of Buckingham Palace, he was the only main character the Queen could turn to and trust.

Montage with the portrait of Prince Philip – Photo: Reproduction

In a speech marking their fiftieth wedding anniversary in 1997, Elizabeth gave a rare personal tribute to Philip: “He was simply my strength and my stamina for all these years.”

Philip and Queen Elizabeth – Photo: Ben Stansall / Reuters

Despite the protocol, which forced him to always be after the queen and greet only people after her, he was considered alone as the head of the family.

The last appearance was in July last year, at a military party at Windsor Castle, the mansion where he and the Queen decided to stay during the Covid-19 period.

The couple have four children, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, and Princes Andrew and Edward.

The video below, when Prince Philip turns 99, tells 5 curiosities about him.

Watch 5 fun facts about Prince Philips

With the death of Philip, there is speculation about what the Queen could do. Experts on real issues say she will hardly ever abdicate.

In recent years, she has reduced the number of juveniles and passed some official obligations to her son Charles and grandson William.

It continues to fulfill the most symbolic obligations of the monarchy, such as the opening of the UK Parliament.

Some commentators on Kings claim that Philip was seen as a de facto family leader, and that in recent years, as his health deteriorated, he should abstain from voting. That would explain problems like the standoff with Prince Harry and his wife Megan, who decided to give up their real roles.

The grandson of Queen Victoria was born in the kitchen

Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, grandson of Queen Victoria (like Queen Elizabeth II herself), was born at a kitchen table on the island of Corfu, on June 10, 1921.

A little over a year later, in December 1922, he was transported from the island in an orange box with the rest of the family on a British ship, when his uncle, King Constantine I of Greece, was the grandfather of the Queen of Spain. To go into exile.

In this August 1951 archive photo, Princess Elizabeth with her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh and their children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne, at the couple’s London home – Photo: Eddie Worth / Associated Press / Archive

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After a wandering childhood and a long stay in a strict Scottish boarding house, he joined the British Navy and actively participated in World War II.

Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth's husband, dies

Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s husband, dies

After his marriage in 1947 to then-young Princess Elizabeth, Philip Mountbatten was sent to Malta, but the meteoric military ascent was halted by his wife’s throne in 1952, forcing him to resign from his career.

Prince Philip, in August 2017 Photo – Photo: Hannah McKay / Paul via AP / Archive

He once said in an ITV interview: “Being married to the Queen, it seemed to me that I should serve her in the best way possible.”

Insufficient spontaneity

Since then, he has played a minor role alongside the King, who would accompany him on official visits, but he has always been a target of the press due to comments that were spontaneous and inappropriate – and often racist.

In 1986, for example, he advised British students in China not to stay in the country for too long if they did not want to end up with “eyes wide open.”

During a visit to Australia in 2002, an Aboriginal asked if he was “Still shooting arrows.”. On one occasion, a boy said he would like to be an astronaut and the Duke replied: “You can never fly, you are so fat.”

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip accompany the boys’ page in 2014 – Photo: Yue Mook / Reuters

“Parents send their children to school because they don’t want them at home,” said Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai, who nearly died in a Taliban attack for defending girls’ right to education.

The prince asked a Scottish driving school teacher: “How do you go about keeping the natives far enough from the drink to pass them on the exam?”

Despite everything, he won the sympathy of the British by supporting the work of nearly 800 organizations.

Elizabeth and Philip got married on November 20, 1947. They met in 1939, when Philip was 18 years old from Greece and the princess at the time was 13 years old.

“Lilibet,” he later said he felt in love at first sight from the tall blonde with blue eyes. He, for his part, never admitted if the feeling was mutual.

Autobiography author Marc Roche said: “She is the attractiveness of opposites: she is serious, shy, introvert; on the contrary, he loves people and social life, being very fun. In any case, they complement each other.” “The last queen.”

With the premature death of King George VI, Elizabeth ascended the throne at the age of 25. Philip became a prince consort under his wife; He was even forced to change his surname, Mountbatten, because, according to Winston Churchill, he appeared very German at a time of war.

Lord Chartres, the former private secretary to Elizabeth II, once said: “Prince Philip is the only man in the entire world who treats the Queen as a mere human.” “She is the only one who can allow it and that satisfies her,” he added.

The strength of the “bond” they formed has contributed, to a large extent, to the stability of the British monarchy over the past six decades.

“The Queen and Prince have formed an extraordinary business partnership, but will they be happy?” Giles Brandreth writes in the bestselling book Philip & Elizabeth, The Portrait of Marriage.

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