“We’re not going anywhere”

“We’re not going anywhere”

The conflict on the Gaza border reaches its sixth day

Image: Anadolu via Reuters Connect

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken assured Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Washington’s support during a trip to the Middle East aimed at preventing the spread of the conflict with Hamas.

Blinken embarked on a tour that included several countries in the Middle East at a time when Israel is launching the strongest bombing campaign in the history of its 75-year conflict with the Palestinians, and has promised to eliminate Hamas – which rules the Gaza Strip – in retaliation for Hamas. Armed group attacks over the weekend.

The top US diplomat will also try to help secure the release of hostages kidnapped by Hamas, some of whom are believed to be Americans, and promote talks with the Israelis and Egyptians to provide safe passage for civilians in Gaza to exit the Strip before any potential Israeli attack. Invasion of Earth.

Blinken’s trip also aims to send a message of deterrence to Iran, which supports Hamas, so that it does not get involved in the conflict.

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An hour after landing in Tel Aviv, Blinken shook Netanyahu’s hand and told the prime minister: “We are here, we are not going anywhere,” footage from Netanyahu’s office showed.

After Israel, Blinken will head to Jordan to meet with King Abdullah and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. American officials say that the matter is likely to continue in other Arab countries, without specifying those countries.

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