The missing young man with no memory was found more than 800 km from his home

The missing young man with no memory was found more than 800 km from his home

A 16-year-old girl, known as Isabella, lives in Celle, Germany, and at 22, she was at home with her younger brother. On April 6, she was found in Paris, France, more than 800 kilometers from her hometown, after spending two weeks missing.

During the time she was missing, Isabella did not know what had happened to her. Today, she also does not remember who she was.

According to the German RTL channel, Isabella did not take money, a cell phone, or anything to indicate her whereabouts when she disappeared from the house. Relatives of the teenager are wondering why the French authorities took so long to call, because the search for the girl has already begun.

Official information stated that local agents initially had false personal information about the girl, which made it impossible to communicate with the girl. Upon meeting her father, Isabella did not recognize him. According to the teen, she woke up suddenly in France, not knowing where she was or how she got there.

According to Sealy Police, the tests carried out on the young woman do not allow us to conclude whether she was the victim of a crime. Even with the inconclusive results, Isabella is hospitalized for treatment, where she is encouraged to recover her and her family’s memories.

The young woman’s father thinks stress caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and anxiety about homework may have an effect on memory loss. However, neurologist Thomas Dunning does not believe in the stress hypothesis as the only trigger for a girl’s fainting. “Perhaps there were psychosocial conflicts that existed before,” he explained.

Cell Police spokeswoman, Birgit Ensinger, said investigators tried to trace Isabella’s route to Paris to determine if something happened to her on the road or if she met someone on the way. “We were unable to obtain any information in this regard,” he said.

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