Prepare for uncertain challenges | Sports

Prepare for uncertain challenges |  Sports

In a pre-pandemic photo, Rossano (center) and Lecce (Photo: Disclosure – DP)

Merging, mixing and inclusion to make good citizens, but often helps develop high-performance athletes. The Quem Luta No Briga (QLNB) Taekwondo Project, associated with UFPel and the city of Pelotas, has already impacted hundreds of young people and gained national recognition. But the epidemic, since it could not be different, forced a series of adjustments not to endanger the health of any participant.

In this complex scenario, there were those who benefited from the evolution. Such is the case of 21-year-old Lacey Diaz, who has won titles in tournaments held online recently. ”Lici is one of the sponsors of the project. At first she imagined her potential, with different gestures and great motor coordination. The pandemic has brought virtual competitions, and I’m starting to focus on that, always successfully,” says teacher Rossano Deniz, QLNB’s chief administrator.

The Copa Empeixador de Pomsei and Copa Porto Alegre de Pomsei were the last tournaments that Lisi participated in. She achieved excellent results, taking first and second places. Not to mention the international achievement of the Harrogate Mayor Open Poomsae – UK. An international college tournament, which will in principle be a personal one, is undergoing a development process, but it still depends on the progress of the pandemic for concrete selections of dates, venues and fighters.

“Now I’m still training to compete in person in an event for the Brazilian Confederation and also for a virtual person who might come along, but it’s still uncertain,” says Lisi. It should be noted that Poomsae is one of the methods of Taekwondo that includes both offensive and defensive movements, within a pattern of speed, beauty and strength. By not asking for opponents, virtual tournaments keep happening.

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By the way, Mr. Rossano praises Lacey. ”It’s rare to find athletes like her. Great autonomy, track down, research, ask about other professors’ methodologies. Today, Lici is highly regarded in the midst of national taekwondo. ”He says.

Other challenges

Last year, there were 100% online activities after the pandemic worsened, with a slight return to presence of some athletes as of November. Only regular competitions for fighters at the Olympic level followed, which is not currently the case in QLNB. “Those who were able to train had positive results. But there were many victims, from people who could not follow the exercises without face-to-face space. Other problems also play a role, a shame of showing the home environment, internet, lack of equipment, etc.”, he explains Rossano.

The few participants in the project who continue to prepare even in the face of complex conditions will be willing to resume the paradigm face-to-face, when health permits. Meanwhile, the master is trying to improve himself.

“I am participating, with 220 other Brazilian coaches, in the Brazilian Taekwondo Confederation (CBTKD) Coaches Course. Key team members exchange ideas and scientific data, and form what we informally call Escola do Taekwondo Brasileiro. A unique moment for me, I am learning a lot” , concludes Rossano, explaining that QLNB still has a lot to collaborate on for sport in Pelotas.

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